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Third episode looks at vice - from the trafficking of women, prostitution and the involvement of foreign criminals in the Irish vice industry. Final episode. For 70 years, rolls of this early nitrate film sat in sealed barrels in the basement of a local shop in Blackburn. Now miraculously discovered and painstakingly restored by the British Film Institute, this ranks as the most exciting film discovery of recent times. The series opens up our past and includes interviews with descendants of some of those featured in the footage, who are seeing their ancestors on film for the first time.

The story of Mitchell and Kenyon begins with bustling streets at home and controversial war abroad. People flock to holidays in Blackpool and to egg tosses at home. Also, pollution of lakes in the midlands. In what is perhaps the most personal and emotional episode in the entire series, Aonghus goes back to his father's home town. Ray McAnally, the internationally renowned actor, grew up in Moville and he often brought his children back to visit.

This episode sees him selling kebabs in Waterford. In this episode he is working on the floor in Superquinn in Dundalk. In this episode he is working in the Central Hotel, Dublin. A fly on the wall mockumentary follows the fortunes of Ben, a first time film maker desperate to create the first great Irish language movie. In this first episode, Ben gets his cast together and must secure financial backing from dubious sources. In our fly-on- the-wall mockumentary 'Ar an Imeall' which follows all the ups and downs in making the first great Irish language feature film, D-day has finally arrived and the crew begin their first day of filming.

Fergus Scully continues his guide of the World Cup, by exploring what it's like to be an Irish fan. New items this week include Val the Vet with a radical new way to neuter your puppy, and Niall the travel correspondent checks out the pleasures of a barge holiday in Neilstown - lovely. We meet Fran Graham who claims he was probed by aliens Bertie the ventriloquist with his cheeky monkey Bubbles.

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The festival is celebrating its twenty fifth anniversary this year. The programme also brings the excitement of Currach racing heats for the first time from Westport.

The Millionaire Matchmaker. K likes. For more #Matchmaker go to http://bravo​.ly/8pd40H. The Millionaire Matchmaker is an American reality television series on Bravo that premiered on January 22, , and is hosted by Patti Stanger. The Millionaire.

Keywords Festivals. During the festival the town is host to the South of Ireland Band Championships. Hundreds of musicians visit the town for the championship weekend. In the first episode of the series Aoife lands in Chicago.

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Here in the home of the Skyscraper starts the journey taking us down the length of the Mississippi River. Visiting the Sears Tower the highest in the land, Notre Dame one of the most prestigious Universities and to see the White Sox play the American past-times. She starts her exploration of the American Dream.

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Between party atmosphere, it's Voodoo and cemetaries New Orleans is one of the most vibrant and outrageous cities in America. Aoife's journey comes to an end as she and the Mississippi meet the Gulf of Mexico. He begins his journey in Bodh Gaya, Central India, a sacred pilgrimage site. New Series: This year the opposition has changed, with the kingdom of Kerry taking up the Underdogs challenge. In this first episode we catch up with last year's squad and discover how their lives have changed since the Underdogs.

In this sixth episode the Underdogs return to the Curragh to millionaire matchmaking castleblayney their training. The Hill of Slane, about 1km north of the village, was once a site of great druid significance. After Edwina is brought back to Kilshannon, Mrs Doyle publicly denounces her as a murderess. Kerry Millionaire matchmaking castleblayney www. Meanwhile, Randy has been missing for the night and Annie is concerned and mounts a search. Comments 1. Catherine reappears during the meeting and frightens them all. News six-part drama series set on a Dublin housing estate. Fourth episode looks at the career of country singer John Hogan. You may think you know your type and what you are looking for, but may actually be limiting yourself too. Keywords Politics Production credits p. In the third episode, Clodagh McKenna meets Carlow based organic meat farmer Jimmy Mulhall and cooks a rack of his lamb. Third episode looks at the theme of witches in Celtic folklore. Today, many interesting ruins remain.

Then, the search begins for this year's panel with a series of trials in Parnell Park, Dublin. Keywords Football. In this second episode the trials move to Crossmaglen in Armagh and Hyde Park in Roscommon for the next two provincial trials. Jarlath Burns is happy to be on his home turf despite being constantly buzzed by British Army helicopters.

Thankfully his pride in his home province is justified as the players turn out to be more skilful than any others the selectors have seen to date. In this third episode the selectors travel to Munster for the final provincial trial. The numbers selected so far for the national trials have been quite low, so the selectors hope for a higher standard in Munster. The trials take place in Tralee and things go very well.

Finally the selectors have a squad to go forward to the national trials where they select a panel of forty to go on to a week's intensive training. In this fourth episode the selectors have narrowed the panel down to 40 players. These players are then brought to a boot camp in the Curragh where the Defence Forces take a hand in training them.

In this sixth episode the Underdogs return to the Curragh to continue their training. Over a weekend the team have an opportunity to bond and discover their strengths and weaknesses. During this session the team meet with fitness therapists and sports psychologists and have a serious surprise in store when the selectors decide it's time for random drugs tests.

In this the eight episode, the Underdogs arrive at the University of Limerick to begin another intensive five day training programme. Things are getting very serious now and it's important for the Underdogs to raise the bar a little.

An hour-long tour guides you through the old distillery and the history of this world-famous whiskey, ending in a relaxing tasting session. Louth millionaire matchmaking castleblayney nine courses of different variety, from idyllic parkland settings to the worldfamous links at Baltray. Dooley convinces Vincent that the trust will benefit if he can start organising tours for anglers using the fishing rights. Dooley dismisses talk of a ghost but his ears prick up when he hears that the innkeeper at Fitzgerald's was granted fishing rights, in perpetuity, after he handed Corcoran over to the authorities. Night-sky activity Sean from Maudabawn witnessed a bright light in the sky at aroun This final episode is followed by a discussion between Mary Holland and Roy Foster to draw out some of the main issues raised by the series. First episode focuses on a nature habitat at Greystones, County Wicklow. Vincent talks to her and suggests she go to an AA meeting. Produced in association with Australian Film Finance Corporation Programme rights company with assistance from NSW Film and TV office,and with the support of investment incentives for the Irish film industry provided by the goverment of Ireland. Dooley is pleased that his future is more secure but he's uncomfortable that Vincent owns the pub. Five millionaire matchmaking castleblayney thriller based on characters by Jim Lusby. With a history dating back over years, this pub has set the benchmark by which Irish pub culture is measured. Admission to the caves is by guided tour only — open 7 days a week, tours commencing at 9. Tramore beach is only a short stroll away.

The University of Limerick has the best sports facilities in the country and the team make good use of them. They have to be at the peak of their game because they take on their first intercounty team when they play against Limerick, but not before receiving a pep talk from legendary manager Mick O'Dwyer. The training programmes are intensified yet again as it's now just one month to the big match, and for the first time the Underdogs take on a Senior Intercounty side - Limerick.

In this final episode before the big match the Underdogs reconvene in Dublin for a weekend of challenges against inter county sides. Over two days the Underdogs take on two inter-county teams under the watchful eyes of the selectors. However, someone else is watching. Kerry manager Jack O'Connor predicts how he thinks the Underdogs will do and Paddy Power sets out his odds on the match. Body Building is New Zealand's fastest growing sport, and its popularity is growing faster here than anywhere else in the world.

First episode focuses on long-stay patients such as Caroline Smith who has been a patient for fifty years. The name 'Portrane' evokes fear and loathing in the public imagination and yet we have very little real knowledge of what goes on behind the mythical closed doors of the mental health service. For the first time on Irish television, The Asylum, from award-winning director Alan Gilsenan takes an intimate and frank look at life inside an Irish psychiatric institution.

Article providing a background to the making of the TV Series. Second episode reports on the Assessment Unit - where patients with severe mental health problems are treated. Third episode looks at the development of community services day hospitals, clinics and community housing for the mentally ill.

The final episode looks at the future of St Idas and the consequences for the patients in being moved out into the wider community.

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First episode features Paddy and Nancy Daly. Third episode looks at couples who shared a love of the outdoors. Fourth episode looks at two contrasting couples who met in the s - john and his Zimbabwean wife, Audrey; and Pat and Eileen Mattimore, who were clerks in a post office in Galway. Fifth episode looks at Macra na Feirme's matchmaking service which operated in rural Ireland.

Features Austrian interpreter Krisztina Eustace and her husband Sean. Sixth episode looks at magician Paul Fallon who used magic to woo his young assistant Tanya. Second episode feature Celtic Seaweed Baths in Sligo. First episode focuses on a nature habitat at Greystones, County Wicklow. Louise Fuller, Prof. The English version of his name is James Lynchehaun. First episode looks at An Drimneach, a spirit that causes irreconcilable differences between people, An Diabhal Dearg, which frightens young children, and An Caorthhanach, a female demon that seeks out priests to tempt them and ruin their reputations.

Note Series repeated on TG4 from 2 Aug Second episode looks at sea monsters and their importance to the Celtic imagination. Third episode looks at banshees and other harbingers and omens of death in the Celtic cultures.